Welcome to the End of the Internet

Welcome to Culturally Ill!

This is the hub for all things Ill. You can find links to our various media, including the Icons in Entertainment, Guerilla Radio, and Ill Things – A Stranger Things Podcast. Blogs and videos will appear as posts and be summarized on author pages.

In an age where people choose the facts they want, where our over-exposure has developed an entire generation of bi-polar beings, it seems more of us are than are not. Most of us spend our days posting the most offensive and ridiculous things they can to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, then following it up with long diatribes about how a certain circumstance, belief, even a phrase, can send them spinning off into a rage or fit of tears.

We all have a sort of PTSD, or ITSD (information trauma stress disorder) now. Everything offends us, while nothing is sacred. This seems to be ready to go in to one of several directions: we descend into the utter madness of dueling echo chambers (political, ideological, by class) screaming non-sequitur nonsense at each other like monkeys bellowing from branches of various heights or throwing their own shit at each other on the ground. Or, we finally overcome our inability to accept that which we cannot change and ride the rising tide of technology and communication to a higher state of mind and better quality of life. Or, and this is my personal favorite, we all commit ritual suicide in front of our webcams with 3D printed guns and unilateral bullets.

Maybe we can save ourselves.

Maybe we can’t.

Maybe we should all just have a chance to laugh and learn at the same time while, as Tyler Durden once put it, we’re polishing the brass on the Titanic.

You will not enjoy this, but you will be entertained.
We will do our best to bring you the facts as we find them, and do our very best to get appropriately inebriated when we examine television and movies!
We will make fun of things you like.
We will make jokes that are completely inappropriate.
We will absolutely procrastinate.
We would have almost certainly spent more time talking about media (television, movies, music and literature) than anything else because we’re scared our personal views will alienate some of you and your poor, sensitive, entitled fucking feelings.

The podcasts and the videos are gluten and GMO free.